Monday, June 20, 2005

IBDMIM : The Informal Blender Developers Meeting in Melbourne

Last saturday, we met up with Matt Ebb (fellow Blender developer) in Melbourne, had a nice walk around the town, some food and then ended up in a pub to finish the evening.
We had a very good time, talked about loads of stuff, lot of it Blender related.
It was good to have that kind of talks in person and I'm really looking forward to BConf after that (assuming I can finally go this year).

Obviously, some pictures were taken, so here they are in all their glory (cough):
Melbourne's Spencer Street Station (the ceiling looks like the inner of a 3D model, all made of triangles), Keep Clear, some nice grafiti, Federation Square from the outside and from the inside, night lights: shaky, blurry, better, posing on a lamp post: Cam and India, along with Matt and myself, Victoria University (with the big neon signs and the rainbow colored spots, very "progressive") and at the pub (and with a little less flash)

'Till next time!



Anonymous Matt said...

Great to meet you Martin, it was lots of fun! Hope you're enjoying yourselves down there in the cold - I almost froze walking around on Sunday afternoon.

PS. Behold, the evil eyes:

11:46 PM  
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