Saturday, June 04, 2005

Australian Sports

Today, you will be introduced to the marvelous world of australian sports.


Netball is a really weird game where opposing teams try to shoot a ball through the hoop on the other team's side. That's the easy part, the rest of the rules are rather obfuscated. For example, each player is assigned a position, which restricts where he can go on the field. It is a "no contact" sport geared more toward girls, the game I watched was mixed gender.
I won't try explaining the rules further, since I don't know half of them.

Picture time
And a video

Australian Football:

The only thing Australian Football has in common with North American Football is that both sports use a non-round ball, but the american one is a bit small and more pointy. The game is rather simple: Each team battles to kick the ball through the opposing team's posts. Between the center posts is a goal (6 points) and between the side posts is a point (hitting a post is a point and kicking in your own goal is a point). Passes between players must be made by either punching the ball or kicking it. Running with the ball is permitted, but you must bounce it off the ground every 6 steps. Catching a ball 15 meters away from where it was kicked is a "mark", that means opposing players must leave you some space to kick the ball again. The game is played on an oval shaped field more than 130m long. Contact is permited and the players have very little protection (they often jump on one another, tackle and climb on top of each other for a mark).

Picture time: The players enter, the goals, the field, the players, a tackle, the umpire proudly wearing yellow socks, supporters, sunset on the game, sunset 2, sunset 3, setting sun behind the goals

And a video of the players entering the field.

And then a pot pourri of photos from around Geelong: funny cactus tree, sailboats, sailboats 2, docked boats

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