Friday, May 27, 2005

Australian Internship: Text Mode

Some people are asking me to write as much about my trip as I'd talk in real life, but that's impossible, so I'll just settle in writting a little bit more. ;)

The first three weeks were great, time flies when you're working on something interesting (week days) and when doing fun stuff (week ends).

For lunch during week days, we usually end up walking to a small bakery shop near the house, getting sandwiches and (sometimes) pastries from there. Cam (my boss) makes the shop ladies freak out by ordering the weirdest sandwiches ever (and later tell them that it was good, beyond reason). Things like: Ham, Cheese, Mustard, Beets, Onions, and Pineapple or Ham, Cheese, Egg salad, Pineapple and Avocado. Like I said, the weirdest ever! (FYI, I'm just having normal sandwiches, none of that weird stuff)

The rest of the food is ok, so I'm still alive and well.

Washing day came and passed without much of a hassle (w00t).

Work is great, always working on challenging stuff.

I haven't seen any kangaroos yet. Cumberland river (see last post) was kangaroo land (they have crossing signs for them, about as much as we have moose crossings in the Laurentides) but the only thing we saw of them was poo (I kid you not).

I think that's about it for now, regards,
PS: I can't believe Paul Martin is still in office... BOOOOH!


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