Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Some random moron used a phpBB exploit to send a mass e-mail with a link to a virus to all the elysiun users on sunday.

Hopefully we caught that up in time, sent another mass e-mail to warn people and blocked the hole. Thankfully, he didn't do more damage then that.

Apparently, this was a new sort of virus (a user contacted an antivirus company about it). Not a very smart virii maker though, making code in VB (someone on IRC had lots of fun desassembling it, another one tried to run it in Wine which didn't do much...). Apparently the virus downloads an IRC proxy and spams a server or whatnot. Not that much important.

This pisses me off for two main reasons: That some people are still making virii (for any morons reading: j00 4r3 n07 1337!) and that the phpBB people could still have such a stupid hole in their code (missing type checking in the session handling code, no less).

Now, I better stop writing, I'm getting pissed just thinking about that (well, that an some school matters but that hardly interests you).

Signing off


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pisses me off too!

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